MQ’s Link Book | #ArtofX

Find everything you need in one place.’s Philosophy of Football ::

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  1. The Over Front:
  2. The Argument for Two-High in Modern Football:
  3. Principles on Defending the Spread:
  4. The Art of Match Quarters:
  5. Why Four-Press Should Be Your Base:
  6. 4-2-5 vs 4-3
  7. The Systematic (Structured) Creativity of Match Quarters Defenses:
  8. How to Set-Up Your Defense:
  9. How to Set the Strength:
  10. Zero the Mike (Belly-Key)
  11. Using Natural Gap Exchanges in Your Front Seven
  12. Protecting Your Defense From Motion:
    1.  Defending Jet Motion
    2. Defending A-Behind and Flare Motion
  13. Defending Formation into Boundary (FIB)

Defending the Spread ::

  1. Defending the Air Raid
  2. Line Twists to Combat Heavy Zone Teams
  3. Defending the Zone Read
  4. Defending the Power Read
  5. Defending Split Zone
  6. Defending Unbalanced Sets

Defending the RPO ::

  1. How to Defend Against RPO’s
  2. RPO Stop Calls
  3. Using Split-Field Coverage to Counteract RPO & Check-With-Me Offenses

Defending Formations ::

  1. 10/Empty Personnel:
    1. Why You Should Run an Under Front to 3×1 Sets:
    2. Trips Coverages Explained
      1. Defending Trips with Stress Coverage
      2. Defending Trips with Special Coverage
    3. Defending Empty and Quads
    4. Attacking Empty
  2. Defending Stack and Bunch Sets
  3. 11 Personnel
  4. 20 Personnel:
    1. Over vs Under
    2. Read Coverage (Field Robber)
  5. 21 Personnel
  6. 12 Personnel
  7. 30 Personnel
  8. Defending the Wing-T

Stop Calls/Pressures/Blitzes ::

  1. Packaging Blitz Calls
  2. Building a Better Zone Blitz
  3. Run Down Stop Calls

Quarters Pedagogy and Drill Tapes ::

  1. Teaching the Safeties
  2. Teaching the Corners
  3. Match Quarters Pass Distributions:
  4. Daily Musts for DBs
  5. LB Philosophy and Fundamentals

3-4 Resources ::

  1. The Okie Front
  2. Defending Modern Spread from Okie
  3. The Tite Front (303/404)
  4. 3rd Down Calls From a 3-4

Install/Opponent Breakdowns/Practice/Self-Scout ::

  1. Install Plan for a 4-2-5
  2. Breaking Down an Opponent
  3. Down & Distance Data
  4. Breaking Down the Run
  5. Breaking Down the Pass:
  6. Building a Hit Chart
  7. Weekly Schedule (Practice Plan):
  8. 5 Cut-ups to Improve Your Self-Scout

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– Coach A.


7 thoughts on “MQ’s Link Book | #ArtofX”

  1. This page is absolutely fantastic! Great information here, some info confirms what I know and more importantly reading up on new ways to defend different offenses. Great website.

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