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mq-artofx’s Philosophy of Football ::

** Each link will open in a new window, so bookmark this page and get to reading!**
  1. The Over Front:
  2. The Argument for Two-High in Modern Football:
  3. Principles on Defending the Spread:
  4. The Art of Match Quarters:
  5. Why Four-Press Should Be Your Base:
  6. 4-2-5 vs 4-3
  7. The Systematic (Structured) Creativity of Match Quarters Defenses:
  8. How to Set-Up Your Defense:
  9. How to Set the Strength:
  10. Zero the Mike (Belly-Key)
  11. Using Gap Natural Gap Exchanges in Your Front Seven:
  12. Protecting Your Defense From Motion:
  13. Defending Formation into Boundary (FIB)

Quarters Pedagogy ::

  1. Teaching the Safeties
  2. Teaching the Corners
  3. Match Quarters Pass Distributions:
  4. Daily Musts for DBs

Defending the Spread ::

  1. Defending Jet Motion
  2. Line Twists to Combat Heavy Zone Teams
  3. Defending the Zone Read
  4. Defending the Power Read
  5. Defending Split Zone

Defending the RPO ::

  1. How to Defend Against RPO’s
  2. RPO Stop Calls
  3. Using Split-Field Coverage to Counteract RPO & Check-With-Me Offenses

Defending Formations ::

  1. 10/Empty Personnel:
    1. Why You Should Run an Under Front to 3×1 Sets:
    2. Trips Coverages Explained
    3. Attacking Empty
  2. Defending Stack and Bunch Sets
  3. 11 Personnel
  4. 20 Personnel:
    1. Over vs Under:
    2. Read Coverage (Field Robber):
  5. 21 Personnel
  6. 12 Personnel
  7. 30 Personnel
  8. Defending the Wing-T

Stop Calls/Pressures/Blitzes ::

  1. Packaging Blitz Calls
  2. Building a Better Zone Blitz
  3. Run Down Stop Calls

3-4 Resources ::

  1. The Okie Front
  2. Defending Modern Spread from Okie
  3. The Tite Front (303/404)
  4. 3rd Down Calls From a 3-4

Opponent Breakdowns/Practice ::

  1. Breaking Down an Opponent
  2. Down & Distance Data:
  3. Building a Hit Chart
  4. Weekly Schedule (Practice Plan):

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3 thoughts on “MQ’s Link Book”

  1. This page is absolutely fantastic! Great information here, some info confirms what I know and more importantly reading up on new ways to defend different offenses. Great website.

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