Digital Pre-Order for “A Complete Guide to the Hybrid 4-2-5”

»» If you plan on buying the digital copy of my new book, the pre-order is live!

Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders for paperback, but it will be available no later than November 14th (probably the weekend prior). So, yes, there will be a hard copy of the book, but it will be out around the 14th. The digital copy will drop to your Kindle on Tuesday, November 15th.

I’m excited to get this out to you guys. Here is a peek at the Table of Contents:

The book ties everything together from Anchor Points and puts the philosophy into an actual system. The pedagogy behind the book has been developed over the past decade of teaching the game, coaching at all levels of football, and pulling from the best practices around the country.

Not only does the book cover concepts, but it breaks down how installs are built and the philosophy behind them. As always, MatchQuarters provides the how and the why behind the scheme. In short, you get the whole process. The book is for all defense. A 4-2-5 looking to modernize or a 3-4 looking to add a “Peso” package, the book combines both philosophies in a concise way.

Though the book has a 4-2-5 label, the demand for fluidity in the modern game is illustrated. Odd and Even spacing are discussed along with coverage. Simple doesn’t mean simplistic. The modern football team has less time to work on schematics yet faces more diverse environments. How does a defense combat the modern iteration of the spread?

By being like water… adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.”

Bruce Lee

Whether a coach, player, fan, or student of the game, MatchQuarters’ “A Complete Guide to the Hybrid 4-2-5” allows you to build a base knowledge of how a defense is built. More importantly, the book dives into understanding why defenses are running specific schemes and how the elite teaches them—pedagogy and planning over everything.

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Thank you for your continued support of MatchQuarters.

– Coach A.

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