Episode #3 — MQ Quick Hits :: “Soft” Press

A 10 minute video on the “Art of X.”

This is a brief video on how to implement “soft” press or “catch” technique into your schemes. The clinic video explains everything from stance and alignment to why soft press is preferred over hard press.

Original Four-Press article: https://matchquarters.com/2016/08/26/fmt-press-the-corners/

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3 thoughts on “Episode #3 — MQ Quick Hits :: “Soft” Press”

  1. Coach, great video. Couple of questions:

    1. What do you mean by “hook the elbow?” Do you have tape of this?

    2. So basically the DB is moving backwards with feet close to ground until WR declares his route? DB feet are close to ground early during ” fire stepping” to keep him ready to move when WR declares route?

    3. Also, as you know Narduzzi teaches his CBs to get as close to line as possible and you teach 1-1.5 yards off. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks again for the great site and timely answers!

    1. 1. Don’t have tape. When the CB gets to​ cut-off he puts his elbow into the side of the WR. This inhibits the WRs ability to run.
      2. Yes. Buzz feet & gain ground. In hard press a WR will attempt to move the DB to gain a release. In soft press the CB gives the WR space forcing the WR to show his cards. Because of the CBs depth he has angles on the WRs release & work to cut-off.
      3. Closer = more room for error. The slight buffer allows the CBs space & reduces track meets. It’s a catch technique. The CB wants to collision & carry. If you look at MSU or Pitt you will notice they are about 1-1.5 yards off. They aren’t trying to control the WR at the LOS, rather force them to run the hump.

      Think of it like a PG defending the basket. Make the WR work to go around. Offenses are about timing routes. This eliminates routes from the tree & elongates them.

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