Episode 7 — MQ Quick Hits :: Pressure Package Coverages

A 5 minute video on the “Art of X.”

This clinic details coverages used in pressure and blitz packages. MQ explains how to keep a two-high shell even when blitzing. In a 5-man pressure the defense doesn’t need to necessarily spin to single-high, instead, it can run adjusted coverages to the pressure side. MQ explains. #ArtofX

Every defensive coach needs a resource they can go to during the season, MQ has what you need. MQ’s book is available on Amazon and Kindle (also available in Europe – click the link):

Cautious Aggression: Defending Modern Football

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– Coach A. | #ArtofX

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3 thoughts on “Episode 7 — MQ Quick Hits :: Pressure Package Coverages”

  1. Coach,

    i know this is mainly a site about pass coverage, but I have another defensive question to run by you if you have time. We are facing a team that will go into a Wildcat formation with 6 O Lineman and 2 TEs. 3 OL and a TE on one side of the Center and 2 OL and 1 TE on the other side. 1 wideout on each side. 4 eligible receivers. Basic zone blocking and the back just picks a hole. We run a 4-3 Over Press Quarters. Any ideas on alignment/assignments? Thanks!

    1. Basically a bigger Ace. I’d align like I would to Ace & use line movement to the 4 man side to create a wall. This will force cut backs to free LBs. Man up the secondary & have them go w/ flow. Line movement will help w/ the zone.

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