Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense

The the second full-length book from MatchQuarters.com:

In order to see the future, we must first view the past. The second book by author Cody Alexander dives into the evolution of the modern defense. From Bill Arnsparger’s hybrid 3-4 to the three-safety defenses found in the pass-happy Big 12, Alexander details the path taken to get to where we are today. One primary element in all modern defenses is the use of hybrid players and the move towards a more position-less game. Coach Alexander explains how modern defenses are taking from the past to recreate what we are seeing on the field today.

Defensive football is under attack by the proliferation of the Spread offense through all levels of football. The NFL currently is under attack by young coordinators turning to Spread schemes to destroy NFL defenses. Alexander creates a pathway in which fan or coach can clearly see the evolution to where the game is today and gives suggestions on what the future might look like. One thing is clear, concepts and techniques are much more important than rigid positions.

The use of multiple fronts and pattern-matching coverages are the key to unlocking what future defenses might look like. Coach Alexander’s latest book, Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense, illustrates the recycling of ideas and gives you the HOW and WHY many of the top defensive minds are choosing to coach defense. Come learn the “Art of X.”

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