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Much like MQ’s Link Book, this blog post has everything you need to implement Quarters coverage and understand the WHY behind how to teach it (and put it in your scheme). Starting with a brand new Quick Hits on the Slide technique and ending with a mini-clinic on what a safety “step-off” looks like, this page has everything you need. As more content is added to the main site pertaining to this topic I will add links here. So bookmark and enjoy!

MQ Quick Hits Ep. 8 – The Slide Technique

The latest edition of Quick Hits discusses the use of the slide (also known as a shuffle) technique. Used from an open stance, the slide technique is an essential technique for DBs that play in Quarters or off-man coverage schemes. The technique allows the DB to read his triangle (WR to QB) and easily flip his hips on vertical routes. Below the video are other resources on the topic that MQ has produced. The design of this “vlog” article is to be a “bookmark” resource for DB coaches.

Articles covering Quarters pedagogy for DBs:

  1. Teaching the Corners
  2. Teaching the Safeties
  3. Daily Musts for DBs — Add the Mirror Drill to my Daily Musts. Insert it right after Right/Left Pulls. Translates to multiple coverage techniques for safeties and CBs. See below:

    Slide Technique Drill to add to Daily Musts:

4. Match Quarters Pass Distributions

Videos/Clinics on CB/DB play:

1. Backpedal vs Shuffle (Slide) Pt. 1

2. Backpedal vs Shuffle (slide) Pt. 2 (Vertical Routes)

3. MQ Mini-Clinic on 2-Read & Split Rules (utilizing a “slide” technique):

4. Defending the Comeback from a Slide Technique (This is an extended version of the Mini-Clinic found on MQ’s YouTube page)

5. Safety “Step-off” Technique:

6. Read Drill (Cloud/2-Read)

This drill works the eyes and feet of the CB in Cloud or 2-Read coverage. The main objective is to keep outside leverage while reading the “triangle” (#1 WR to the #2 WR). Alignment is 5 yds and “outside-eye” of the #1 WR and slightly tilted in (closed stance). The footwork is a “feather” or chop technique (some call it a kick-step). Hips must stay square and if the #2 WR clears the 7-yard breakpoint (usually the breaking depth for a Dig/Sail/Corner/Post), the CB will collision and carry #1’s vertical. One key point is to have the CB compress the WR towards where the safety is located (inside) while keeping constant sight on the #2 WR. A coach can run a seam, out (5-yards), or Sail (10-yards) by the #2 WR. On other route combination that can be worked is the Smash or Stop/Corner combination.

7. 2-Read Clinic

8. Soft Press Clinic

9. Quarters Clinic

10. Vision Drill Clinic


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