MQ’s Defending RPOs Clinic Tape

Defending RPO’s from a 3-4 Okie Front.

The clinic includes detailed explanations on how to combat RPOs by pre-snap alignment and even explains several stop calls, all from a 3-4 Okie Front. The clinic starts with five principles for defending RPO offenses and moves on to pre-snap alignments against top spread formations. This is followed by game film and diagrams of the stop calls with detailed explanations.

(This video was originally created for Keith Grabowski, host of the “Coach & Coordinator Show” before he joined USA Football and moved his show under their umbrella.)

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9 thoughts on “MQ’s Defending RPOs Clinic Tape”

  1. Coach, good clinic! In reading through your blog and your very good book I’m confused about how you define Over vs. Under and the cover down principle. For me Under is a 3 and 5 tech weak with shade, 5, 9 strong. I’ve noticed in reading your material that some of the fronts referenced as Under align as Over. Cover down just means that the cover safety is not a c gap/box player, and doesn’t matter who is playing that C gap? Could be a LB or DL? In this case wouldn’t the cover safety always be covered? Thanks as always!

    1. Over or Under is set off my front rules, so if they look backwards to you it’s probably because they are different from how you set the front. We are talking the same language, just different rules.

      As for cover down, I explain it in my latest Quick Hits:

      1. 10p 2×2 = Field
        3×1 (any) = Under
        20p (H)/11p 2×2 = To H/Y
        12p = Under Wide
        30p = Field

      2. 10p 2×2 = 3 tech/4i to Field?
        3×1 (any) = 3 Tech away from trips?
        20p (H)/11p 2×2 = 3 tech To H/Y?
        12p = Under Wide – Wide is to the back?
        30p = Field

        So if you were going to see all or most of these sets in a game do you set the front with a call, or do your players have a progression? How far off of would this be from your base rules of setting the front?

      3. The Mike simply says left or right depending on the rules set. The ones I discussed are the base rules.

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