The Expansion Candidate Ep. 1: Cody Alexander & Defending the Big 12’s Spread Offenses (w/ @Ian_A_Boyd from Inside TexasFootball Study Hall, & Concerning Sports)

Talking Football Podcast Ep. 20:  Learning Match Quarters Defense with Coach Cody Alexander (w/ @CoachMckieJr from RonMckieFootball.com)

Talking Football Podcast Ep. 68: Stopping the Spread with Coach Cody Alexander (w/ @CoachMckieJr from RonMckieFootball.com)

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Coach Stone Podcast (3/9/18) Cody Alexander of MatchQuarters.com (w/ @Coach_Stone_MT from CoachStoneFootball.com)

Back Basics

CoachStoneFootball.com (link above):

Coach Stone has developed a curriculum for any type of camp or focal point.  The camp covers and is proficient with youth, middle school, high school, college, women’s tackle, and offers specific clinics. He is willing to customize the camp to meet your program’s specific needs:

·      Customizable Football Camp to meet your needs – (all ages) Back to the Basics

·      Coaches Clinic: X’s & O’s

·      Coaches Clinic: Chalk Talk

·      Moms of Football: Fan to Team Mom to Coach®

·      Parents of Football: Your Role®

·      Practice Evaluation – in person or breaking down film

Run The Power Ep. 50: Cody Alexander – Coaching Defensive Backs (w/ the guys from @RunThePower –  & )

MCFS: Cody Alexander on the state of the spread w/ Ollie Connely

MCFS Special: Cody Alexander – Cody and Ollie Connely talk pattern-matching in the NFL; changing positional designations; the traits of a good defense; why the Diamond formation is so effective; how to build a quality blitz package; and much, much more.

Bleeding Green Nation Podcast w/ Michael Kist – How the Eagles can defend the Bears’ Jet Motion, Trips, and RPOs (talking RPOs & Trips coverages).

Coach & Coordinator Podcast w/ Keith Grabowski – MatchQuarters & Defense

Coach & Coordinator Podcast w/ Keith Grabowski – Simulated Blitzes

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Blatant Homerism: New Strategies for defending the Spread w/ Allen Kenney

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